Garments that respect people, planet and tradition

Garments that respect people, planet and tradition

We believe fashion should be fair, which is why everything we produce is created from traceable sustainable materials, in factories with safe working conditions who pay their workers fair salaries and then sold on to you for fair prices.

We manufacture in small batches to reduce stock wastage and always produce closest to the natural source of our materials to minimise the carbon footprint each item has before making its way to you. Our core material – linen – is sourced from Europe’s largest linen producers Orsha Linen Mill, who have been weaving flax for textiles for almost 90 years.

Linen is also one of the most sustainable fabrics available: flax is a resilient plant that requires natural rain fall, no irrigation and 2,500 litres less water than making the same item in cotton would! Our linen is EUROPEAN FLAX® certified, representing the highest environmental and workplace standards for textile production. We are also collaborating with a manufacturer to create a knitwear fabric from a flax fibre by-product to further reduce waste.

Our collections take inspiration from the stylish men and women of Italy, Greece, Morocco and the whole of the Mediterranean, who have understood the countless benefits of linen for centuries – and tailor it perfectly to flatter all ages and bodies.

Style is more important to us than trends, and we design with consideration for both the environmental impact and the longevity of our pieces. We are a non-political small business on a mission to bring you sustainably made, beautiful clothing with a dose of Mediterranean spirit to make for summer and holiday dressing effortless. If you have any questions for us, please do get in touch.